• Shock absorbers

    Shock absorbers are essential parts to provide the best connection possible between the wheel and the road surface while absorbing all vertical differences. Defective or low quality shock absorbers reduce adherence and can even alter the vehicle trajectory. We currently supply a wide range of automotive professionals all over the world.

  • Suspension and steering

    For driving comfort and optimum road holding, Klaxcar guarantees high quality parts manufactured using materials that have undegone a strict selection process. The proposed suspension and steerring product line is designed to cover current models. With us, you combine customer satisfaction and safety.

  • Wheel bearings

    Wheel bearings help the wheels rotate while being subjected to the jolts from the road surface. Damaged bearings may end up damaging the steering/wheel link. Our bearings are adapted to the toughest conditions. You can therefore safely order them and give your customers the best quality for money.

  • Cylinders

    The latest in the Klaxcar offer, the tailgate cylinder product line was created in our European plants to meet customer demand. Easy to install, Klaxcar cylinders are sold separately and have an optimized service life thanks to the perfect alignment of the rod. An easy to install turnkey product!