• Ignition coils

    Connected to the spark plug, the coil triggers the spark using magnetic induction. Of different types: cylindrical, pencil… Klaxcar coils are all designed to provide optimized dimensions, light weights, extreme reliability (to eliminate ignition circuit failure) and low electric consumption. The coil shielding quality also protects you from electromagnetic disturbances (radio, GPS…). Manufactured from high precision materials, Klaxcar coils are an essential asset for your ignition circuits.

  • Spark plugs

    Klaxcar proposes an original product quality range of spark plugs. The materials used are strictly selected and regularly tested on our test benches to guarantee consant quality.
    Designed for unleaded engines, our spark plugs have one to four electrodes and are therefore available in nickel, copper, platinum and iridium.

  • Glow plugs

    Bolstered by its 20 years of successful glow plug sales, Klaxcar offers a very complete product line for diesel engines.
    This high quality product reduces preheating times by several seconds. Klaxcar plugs are very reliable with high thermal and pulse resistance, thereby fulfilling customer expectations.

  • Ignition leads

    Ignition leads are needed to direct the high voltage electric pulses from the ignition coil to every spark plug.
    Every spark plug has its own ignition lead. Their insulation, interference protection, and the leak-tightness of the varous connections must be perfect to prevent current loss and short-circuits. Klaxcar ignition leads are manufactured using protective materials and technology that allows extreme accuracy on the wire diameter: increased number of coils = increased return power = reduced ignition coil charge time.