The commitment of a major French brand, certified by the German TÜV.

Certified quality products

Klaxcar France is an aftermarket specialist that has been developing Original Part quality products at an attractive price for over 25 years.

Our philosophy

Originally a French family business in the Paris area, Klaxcar was able to fulfil and adapt to automotive market requirements to become a recognized player in the field. It is present in over 85 countries worldwide.

For Klaxcar, customer relations are a top priority. We are therefore in daily contact with professionals all over the world, to provide a dynamic response to their expectations and needs.
Klaxcar offers a wide range of products on the different markets (wear parts, accessory products, technical parts…). With over 8000 references, in over 30 product families, we have the answer for over 2 million vehicles.




Global car numbers


Certified digital databases

Klaxcar’s high standards

byTo make it easier to find our parts, Klaxcar makes effective tools available through our webcatalog, presence on Tecdoc, ETAI… etc. Thanks to its cutting edge knowledge of the trade and the data, Klaxcar was awarded the A-Supplier certification by TECDOC in January 2019 and by 2021 the Premier TecDoc Data Supplier certification, thereby rewarding the quality of our data which is reliable at over 98%.

This attention to quality is also present in every one of our parts. Our OEM culture is supported by a constant product improvement policy, and compliance with standards and international regulations.

Our factories are IATF 16949 certified and have all the required approvals and certifications. They are regularly audited. All our products have traceability, with technical sheets and test reports from our internal test lab. Klaxcar is therefore naturally certified by the German TÜV.

Professionals are therefore guaranteed an original product quality and reassured by strong partnerships with recognized players such as Dayco, for example.

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