Engine performance and the protection of the driver from atmospheric pollution are optimised by high quality systems such as those developed by Klaxcar. Our original Quality line of filters covers all needs and meets current ecological expectations.

  • Air filters

    Air filters protect the engine from impurity in the air by trapping it in a filter paper.
    If the filter is fouled, the air flowing through your engine will be of poorer quality, preventing fuel combustion from occurring in good conditions. The result will be increased fuel consumption and poorer engine performances.
    You therefore need a quality product at a competitive price to meet your customers’ needs. The KLAXCAR offer allows you to meet all these expectations.

  • Cabin filter

    To protect the vehicle cabin from particles and other dust in the air, sanitizing filters are needed. When the filter is poor quality or fouled, the ventilation and demisting systems are less effective. We have therefore developed a line of High Protection cabin filters to give you more driving comfort.

  • Fuel filter

    There are two types of fuel filter:

    • A filter for unleaded vehicles
    • A filter for diesel vehicles

    In both cases, the purpose of the filter is to trap impurities from the fuel to protect the engine. Engine performance suffers if filtration is poor. Klaxcar offers its customers quality parts that give their vehicle optimum protection.

  • Oil filter

    Oil filters trap impurities and other particles produced by the engine and allow continued good oil quality to limit engine part wear. Oil filters must be changed every time the oil is changed. We are developing a complete line of oil filters with filtering quality meeting the standards required by automotive professionals. This currently makes it possible to optimally meet our partners’ expectations.