Transport control

Optimized human and flow organization

Klaxcar has been optimizing its resources and tools for over 20 years, to offer its customers the best service. Its resources are:

  • a storage surface area of 7000 m² used to stock 8000 references
  • significant loading and unloading capacity using 7 docks
  • Fully computerized management of locations and physical flows using a WMS
  • a specific logistics team, with a department specialized in export constraints
  • a production plant

In addition to these physical and human resources comes ISO 9001 certification which guarantees internal process reliability, and a constant search to improve customer services.

Cost control

Deadlines met

Known export specificities

2 customized areas:

For optimum organization, our warehouse has 2 specific areas depending on customer requirements: 1 Pallet area / 1 Picking area

Thus, the logistics team determines the preparation routes depending on customer requests, for ever better performance.

A specialized sales administration team

Sales Administration works as the back office for the sales team and makes sure our products are properly forwarded by land, sea or air (according to incoterm), whether on the French national territory or abroad, with a permanent objective of satifying the customer.

A transport specialist with mastery of customs regulations and incoterms, this 3-person team records and monitors orders through to the final invoice, and organizes the appropriate transport for the recipient.

Customer support
at your service