Electric products

Originally, Klaxcar was born from the development of KLAXON (an ex Valéo subsidiary). Horns and electric products have always been essential to our core business. You can therefore safely choose the product you need.

  • Theft prevention

    A vehicle theft prevention or ignition contact is composed of two elements: the lock cylinder and the electric switch. It provides an electric pulse that controls the arrival of the current at the ignition when the key is turned (or the button pushed) to start the car engine. Because a defective theft prevention device can have a serious impact on customers’ everyday life, Klaxcar offers high quality products that are regularly tested to guarantee faultless reliability.

  • Horns

    Born with the KLAXON product, KLAXCAR has a special relationship with this horn product line that it regularly updates to offer reference products to all its customers (new and historic). A specialist of all regulations covering this product, Klaxcar offers you its know-how and proposes all types of horn such as melody, Jericho, TR99…

  • Fuses

    Fuses electrically isolate the control circuit from the power circuit.
    They act as a switch and protect the electric installations from possible voltage overloads.
    Feel free to contact your salesperson to get this product at the best price.

  • Electric fuel pumps

    Highly accurate and reliable, Klaxcar fuel supply systems guarantee optimal and safe engine operation in all conditions.
    We guarantee a product of which the main characteristics will always be:

    • Electrical strength
    • Long service life
    • Optimum fuel supply
    • Leak tightness
  • Relays

    Relays are present everywhere in vehicles and are used to manage the different electric elements. They must be used at a power that is in line with the accessory to be powered. All our relays are high performance thanks to the special care given to the copper that is used.