Sensors and valves

Our experts have designed a varied product line which includes all the essential products in this category. Here you will find all you need, with Klaxcar certified quality.

  • Sensors

    Klaxcar offers a wide range of precision sensors including oil pressure switches, thermocontacts, lighting contacts… Because bad measurements can cause incorrect vehicle responses, every Klaxcar module is tested and quality controlled to guarantee an accurate and sure calculation.

  • Flow meter

    Klaxcar flow meters regulate engine fuel injection. They contribute to reducing consumption and protect engine service life.

  • Lambda probes

    Because Lambda probes are used to regulate the air/fuel mix, Klaxcar recently created this new product line to support its customers’ savings and environmental needs.
    The probe must be highly accurate to be able to measure the oxygen content in the exhaust gases with a coefficient of between 0.97 and 1.03. Klaxcar’s regular and strict testing guarantees a product you can trust to better comply with pollution standards.

  • Thermostats

    Thanks to Klaxcar thermostats, you keep engine temperature in line with original equipment technical specifications. Through cutting edge technology and original part design, you guarantee maximum engine efficiency. This product line adapts to customer demand, so feel free to contact your saleperson for more references.

  • EGR Valves

    Klaxcar EGR valves can be fitted to a high number of cars, both unleaded and diesel. By acting to reduce Nox emissions (carbon monoxide) and to regulate combustion temperature, Klaxcar strives to optimize your engine performance to extend the life of your vehicle.