Braking and friction

Safety is our top priority. Quality requirements are continuously checked throughout the production line. Our products undergo a strict inspection process and are compliant with applicable regulations (R90 standard), hence their unavoidable presence on the international braking market.

Klaxcar brake pad key points:

  • certified quality
  • reduced braking distances
  • optimum performance
  • strict checks

Manufacturing quality, test results, and Klaxcar prices have made it possible to set up in many countries as an ideal complement to Premium brands.

  • Brake discs

    The quality of the materials used is essential to optimum braking. This is why Klaxcar selects them using strict rules, in compliance with regulations, and implements detailed checks to offer its customers Original Product quality.
    Heat resistance, finishes, treatments, balancing… are all criteria used by Klaxcar Quality Control and they are all permanently audited.
    The proposed product line was designed to meet all needs (solid or vented discs, with or without bearings, ABS ring, etc). In 2019, Klaxcar was recognized by its customers as a fully fledged major disc player.

  • Drum brake shoes

    “In order to complete its braking offer, Klaxcar has developed a specific product line that covers the majority of cars.
    With their excellent friction quality, the products are easy to include in the global braking and friction offer.”

  • Brake pads

    Klaxcar brake pads are R90 standard (E1, E2, E13, E11 …) approved and asbestos-free. Klaxcar uses a Low metallic type friction formulation that reduces heat production (the pad cools faster) and a high friction coefficient

  • Clutch systems

    Clutch systems are part of the Klaxcar offer with a varied line of mechanisms, discs and stops. Some references are available in a complete kit.
    Due to its strategic nature and the intense strain it is put under, the quality of this product is crucial to optimum safety. Klaxcar has therefore made it a priority and applies increased requirements to the tests carried out.