To prevent the engine from overheating, and because wear parts must have faultless precision, Klaxcar created a complete category in 2005. It meets market requirements in terms of references, price and performance.

  • Pulleys

    Klaxcar pulleys have now been available for 15 years, they cover a wide range of references for applications on all brands.
    Available separately, they are also included in the Kits with Dayco belts and are therefore a guarantee of safety for all Klaxcar customers.

  • Timing belt kits

    In order to meet customer demands, we have been proposing timing belt kits since 2005.
    As the kingpin of engine cooling, this product must be faultless, which is why we include a Dayco belt, from our Quality and Trusted partner, in all our packs.

  • Water pump kits

    To offer its customers a complete Premium Quality kit, Klaxcar adds a timing belt from Dayco, its partner, to its water pumps and pulleys.
    Balance is the keyword to guaranteeing essential engine regularity. This is why the best components (bearings, seals) must be used. When perfectly installed, safety and engine durability are protected.

  • Water pumps

    For optimum watertightness and the perfect circulation of coolant, each material used in Klaxcar water pumps is selected for its strength and stability.
    Professionals are therefore sure to be able to work with a complete product line covering almost all car models.

  • Radiators

    A crucial part associated with the engine block, radiators are a central product in the Klaxcar offer.
    Available for light vehicles and trucks, they are available in two types: Brazing (B references) and Mechanical (Z references). Both made from aluminum, they disperse heat differently. To find out which technology is best for you, feel free to contact your Klaxcar salesperson. As a rule, Brazing is more suited to hot countries while Mechanical is better for cold countries.
    This category also includes all associated products such as coolers, condensers, heating systems, air conditioning, exchangers, etc.