Klaxcar, the lighting specialist, offers a complete range of car lamps that comply with the strictest standards in terms of geometric compliance and power under the R37 standard (for exterior lighting).

The different lamps available from Klaxcar are:

  1. Halogens and mini-halogens: they are approved and have the highest possible levels of certification.
  2. Long life lamps: with a longer service life, they make it possible to fulfil new needs generated by Daylight type legislation and make more intense use possible.
  3. Reinforced lamps: designed for trucks transporting heavy loads or for vehicles driven in environments conducive to vibrations (4×4, poor quality roads…), Klaxcar reinforced lamps include additional supports to maintain the filament.
  4. Laser lamps: using xenon (rare gas) to guarantee the best light spectrum, Klaxcar laser lamps are all UV Block and approved (except those in the Rally category (high power). To offer the best possible choice, the Klaxcar product line is available in 3 types:
    • Super White: ideal for night driving, daylight effect.
    • Blue: especially suited to driving in bad weather conditions, Extra vision: increases visibility by 50%.
    • Extra vision: increases visibility by 50%.
  5. HID lamps: these discharge lamps, contrary to classic halogen lamps, have no filament: the electric arc forms between two electrodes. Bolstered by cutting edge production using the best technology, the result on Klaxcar HID lamps is impressive: better visibility, daylight effect, lower electricity consumption, very long service life.
  6. LED kits: The kits are proposed to replace type H4 – H7 – H1 … halogen lamps A high technology product, they have an exceptional service life in Premium quality.
  7. Auxiliary lamps: Klaxcar auxiliary lamps are proposed at competitive prices and are in high demand on the market. Klaxcar also proposes a LED product line
  8. assortment boxes: A practical all-in-one for customers who want all the main lamps they need in a single box. The exact content of each box is indicated on the product sheet.